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From a simple customer idea... could we combine two Incredible Technologies games into one cabinet?.... Amusement Technologies was born.  The PERFECT SOLUTION Kit - thousands sold - was that product.
About Amusement Technologies
Our unique relationship with Ecast as a sales, service and design partner has enabled us to produce products for their jukeboxes.  From the Digital Fusion jukebox conversion kit to universal wired and wireless remotes, core upgrade kits and other products that you'll find on these pages, Amusement Technologies provides innovative solutions for your route.

Our relationships with the Asian trade market have enabled us to bring to the industry the finest arcade Scan Converter in the industry.  The many thousands sold have brought new life to many old arcade classics.

We'll gladly accept your special design requests for single or high volume products.  We advise you to check back often to keep up with our many new products.

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